The hut of a thousand accesses !!! Accessible from Vercorin, Nax, Saint-Martin via Lovegnoz or the A-Vieille, Evolène, Moiry, many loops possible over one or more days. For all levels and all pleasures ! Don't hesitate to consult our interactive trail map !

Ski touring

Open throughout the winter season from mid-December to mid-April, the hut welcomes you all winter long so you can discover the idyllic slopes that surround us ! You can also take advantage of our discovery days or training weekends organized in partnership with the Bureau des Guides d'Anniviers to consolidate your skills or simply discover the scenery in complete safety !


The hut, rocked by the winds, sees the multicoloured wings bloom when the wind lends itself to the game. Paragliders can land and take off from the flat area behind the hut. On a paragliding tour or from the Crêt-du-Midi, take the time to land...there's always a good fruit tart that's worth the detour !

At the end of August, you can see the sky getting's the Vercofly, the race to the huts, a walking and flying competition in the surrounding valleys.

Information about two-seater flights, trekking, training:


ARGENTINIAN TRAIL Under construction

BRAZILIAN TRAIL This trail is no longer permitted. The Réchy valley is a protected natural area by cantonal decision. It is now forbidden to cross it by bike (also forbidden to motorbikes) and to bivouac there. A sworn guard watches over the application of the protection rules throughout the summer.

Rock climbing

Site of the Maya

Site of the Pointe de Lona

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