Diner is served!

Un petit creux
The Hiker's Board

Well, you don't know what a vegetable is... Don't look for it, we've got what you need... A sausage from Grand-Père Paul, the red wine sausage, from the Salaisons du Val d'Anniviers, cheese from Saint-Martin...well yeah, with good milk from the local cows...we put a little bread in your mouth and it's the whole Valais in your mouth !

22.00 CHF
The Keeper's Soup

"You can measure the quality of a hut by the taste of its soup," says Serge, a local guide who's not to be missed. Here, you can go without any other food. Full of simmered vegetables, spices, bread and cheese if you're greedy!

12.50 CHF
Rösti Gratiné

A generous handful of grated potatoes A nice layer of raclette cheese All gratinated for a few moments... Enjoy your meal!

19.00 CHF
Rösti Royal

Onions, bacon, potatoes... and raclette cheese au gratin!!!! A TABLE!!!

21.00 CHF
Bec's Rösti

A beautiful potato cake, cubes of raw ham and tasty sundried tomatoes! I WANT!!!!

23.00 CHF
Les Fondues
The Half-and-Half Fondue

Half Gruyères AOP, half Vacherin AOP, the great classic!!

25.00 CHF
Valaisan Fondue

PDO Gruyères, PDO Vacherin and PDO Raclette .... the must of the hut!

26.00 CHF
Truffle Fondue

From fondue to PDO cheeses with oil and broken truffles...for gourmets...!

28.00 CHF
Les Croûtes
La Crôute Gratinée

Simple, efficient, greedy... A nice slice of bread from the valley, a hint of mustard, a cup of Fendant and finally, a generous layer of cheese... Let the whole thing gratinate for a few minutes before serving it hot with the rest of the bottle of Fendant !

20.00 CHF
La Croûte Either Ham or Egg

You're greedy, but you're only half-assed? Well, take it any way you want! You choose between the slice of ham or the egg, then we'll take care of the rest...

22.00 CHF
La Crôute Complète

Created in 1215, the full rind is basically a dish for lumberjacks and extreme mountain dwellers. On its own, it allows you to recover 8700 calories in one go. Bread, ham, cheese au gratin, egg... you have your protein for 2 weeks.

24.00 CHF
Les Tartes
Pies of the Becs

If you're still hungry after all the rest, you can still wedge a tooth with the pies...but beware, they're strong anyway....

6.00 CHF